Monday, July 14, 2014


     So I am here! Wow. So I left Wednesday morning. Jose Rafael insisted on driving us to the train station so I didn't have to worry about dragging my suitcases across the city- that was a blessing. Then I boarded up and was off! Honestly I was too nervous to be sad about leaving. Hermana Hoffman met me at the train station in Sevilla but then we missed our train to Puertollano (yes, surprisingly there is a train station here) so we had to wait at the McDonald's there for like 4 hours until the next train came. Some good comp bonding time. When we were on the train the closer and closer we got to Puertollano the less green it got and the less.. stuff there was. We are literally in the middle of nowhere. This town is smaller- like half the size of just our area was Granada.
     Friday we had district meeting. There are four of us in the district, us and the Elders that are in Ciudad Real. So I taught both a twenty minute taller and the missionary handbook. But it was fun being so small. It is not nearly as intimidating. Like I feel important now.
Saturday we hiked a mountain to pray and rededicate the land for missionary work. That was really cool. We could see our entire area from up there. We decided that our boundary line must be the distant mountains because we couldn't see any civilization before then. La Mancha is nothing but rolling fields.
     Then it was Sunday. We had a Sacrament attendance of 11. That includes us. And the American family of four that are here visiting. The branch president and his family actually technically live in Madrid for most of the week, but they come down here for the weekends to be able to conduct and like pass the Sacrament and stuff because other than that family no one holds the priesthood in this town. I did not know what overwhelmed felt like until I came here. I gave a talk in sacrement meeting and Hermana Hoffman taught sundayschool. Apparently we switch off every other week. We dont even have relief society and Priesthood- its too small. So church is only two hours long. This is the exact oppisite of Granada.
     I like it though. Like honestly its small but hopeful. And it is a super lively place. There is nothing to do here so everyone is always out on the streets talking to everyone else. It has a fun vibe. And missionaries are sooo important to the few missionaries here. It just makes us work harder :)
There is literally nothing to do here so our plan is to go to the church and watch movies. But I will try to find a nice windmill to take a picture of at some point this week. Love you all!
Hermana Ashby

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