Monday, June 23, 2014

My Last Week in Granada!

     So nothing crazy happened this week and I have used all my time sending pictures. So  I am just going to talk about transfer calls!
     President called Saturday morning, and sure enough I am leaving. I am going to Puertollano. Never heard of it? Me neither! I am just picturing wide open plains with lots of windmills because, guess what it is in La Mancha! Don Quijote country! President said it is the fastest growing branch in the mission- they just increased their Sacrament Meeting attendance from something like 12 or 15 to 18. Which is a pretty good percentage. Hermana Hoffman is going to be my companion. Everyone says she is awesome. She just opened Puertollano last transfer. Okay going to be honest here, I am sort of terrified. But I am excited to. Every time  I tell someone where  I am going they tell me I am going to learn a lot. Which is a good thing, right? Right? It is definitely going to be an adventure. This is as close to Toledo as I could get, mom. I am sad to leave Granada but I feel ready for something new. I need a change before I get into a rut. Okay breathe.

And thats it! Love ya!
H. Ashby

Here are lots of pictures!

American flag outside of the hotel next to the Alhambra that Jose Rafael took us to. Don't worry I remember where I came from


Jose Rafael himself
Hermana Clark and I

Hermana Muse and I in our sweet new hoodies

Us and Yasmin and Nayeli
Claire Whitby at her baptism

More with Claire

Us waiting for the bus
This is what the bus looks like


Alhambra Group


Amphitheater (I think)

My chapa in the Court of the Lions

I am a fan of chapa pictures...

Goodbye to Carmela, Julio, and Manu
Saying goodbye to Yasmin
Jose Rafael threw me a party! Complete with honey!  Zach is right, Morcilla is usually in sausage form like here on the toast things. But the first time he fed it to us it was just fried with pears.
The Alhambra outside Jose Rafael's apartment

Peter! He is my favorite! Okay maybe his real name is Pedro but I call him Peter because he always tries to speak english with me. He is like the only member that we can get to come to lessons with us.
Here is Violet! I like teaching her because our lessons are in English. She is from Nigeria.
Araceli! She doesn't come to church because of good ol´Chico here. She insisted that Chico be in the picture. 

Fireworks went off outside of our piso! We started singing the Star Spangled Banner in honor off independence day that is coming up! Woo hoo!

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