Wednesday, May 20, 2015


     Okay stuff that has happened. Let's see. We actually have more than one investigator now. I know, crazy stuff.
      After a successful classic gifting of American cookies, we have started to evengalize our neighbours. They actually are taking it pretty well. Manuel and Manuela. We have had three real lessons now and the last time they asked us to please continue to come (we had a good time lapse between visits and I think they got worried) and they literally said they were very interested. Now you don't really hear that very often coming from peoples' mouths. Even from those that actually are interested. They did however say they would probably never convert but you know that's what they all say.
     We contacted a man (German) on the street a few days ago and he had us come over to his house a few days later and it wasn't a fake address or anything. He and his wife (Jessica) and their four small children sat and listened to us explain The Book of Mormon. I am so exctied to be teaching a family. German's whole family our members in Ecaudor apparently and he used to play basketball with the Elders as a little boy. They were very attentive listening to us and had some great questions. They are kind of a miracle actually.
     Pedro is still going strong. The treatment is making him quite sick but he has seen some major improvement. He can now put his legs in the water up to his knees. Miracle. We all just keep praying.
I have to go right now. Time is cut short this week. I love you all so much.

Hermana Hannah Ashby