Monday, June 15, 2015


     It's not really hot anymore. I don't even understand but something about clouds from Africa and storms from the north. I don't really know what to say. I am just tired.
For Pday we went to the Torre de Oro
     We are teaching this girl named Paola and I really like teaching her. She is 20 and her questions like make sense to me. They are the same kinds of things that I would ask if I didn't, you know, already know. The story on how we found her is really cool as well. A few weeks ago we didn't know anybody or any thing in our area, so we picked a handful of names and addresses that the elders left behind and we went out and hunted the addresses down. There was this one old teaching record of this old investigator named Stanly and one day we knocked on his door. This woman answered and she acted like she expected us. We asked for Stanly and that confused her. She asked if we recognized her #no. #awkward. She said she had been at church on Sunday. She's a member and she just moved here from Ecuador. Magali is her name. We had both been completely distracted on Sunday and had completely missed her. She invited us in and introduced us to her non-member friend Margarita and daughter Paola (see above). Well we asked if we could share a message with them now that we were there and all, and they agreed. We had a super spiritual lesson about The Book of Mormon. It was way cool. And they agreed to let us come back later in the week.
     We have now visited about four or five times. Mostly we just teach Paola now. Magali told us she had been praying for a way to share the gospel with her daughter because she knew that she wouldn't listen to the missionaries if she had been the ones to invite them. But this was perfect because we didn't even know the mom before we randomly went to their house. I don't know what happened to Stanly, but by small and simple things great things come to pass .

Well that's all I have time for. I love you all
Hermana Hannah Ashby

Pedro and Me

Pday at the Torre de Oro

Us and Carmen, an Australian/Spanish newly baptised member that lives in one of our pueblos

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Monday, June 8, 2015

La Sartén

     It's really hot here. But like really hot. I'm dying. They call Sevilla "la sarten" or "the frying pan" because it is just so dang hot. And our brand new piso doesn't really have air conditioning. Death. I've invested in water bottles (many) and fans. Like the classic Spanish hand fans. That's what all the women in Sevilla are doing
these days.
     We had zone meeting. Hence the pictures. We are all very modern now with our iPads. It's super weird. I don't even bring scriptures around with me anymore. My bag is a lot lighter.
 I also went on intercambios this week. Last intercambio of my life (hopefully). I normally really hate intercambios, but I actually had a lot of fun this time. We found a few new investigators and took a ton of selfies. At the end of the day Hna Hurtado wanted to celebrate everything so we went to buy chicken and the lady at the counter was asking us about who we were and telling us about how missionaries used to visit her when she lived in Ecuador and then she gave us her number and address. Miracles come in the weirdest times and places.
We are actually doing really well in this new area. We have found a total of 10 new investigators this week. Not bad.
     Okay I've wasted a lot of time.
 Thank you everyone for emailing me this week. It was way cool to hear from you during the week. I love you all and I pray for you daily. Have a good week and keep updating me on your lives.

Hermana Hannah Ashby

Monday, June 1, 2015

La Mudanza

     Hey, guess what! I'm sitting here, writing you all from McDonald's.
What? How is that possible? Unless, wait, I have an iPad. That's
right. I have joined the ranks of those who have technology.
There are so many restrictions on here that really I can only email, study Spanish, read scriptures, and watch Mormon messages. But it is pretty much literally the coolest thing I have ever done. Yesterday we taught Sunday school with the online manual and a video. And we taught an investigator a lesson using the kid's pamphlets app. Everyone thinks we are really cool now. We have become way more exciting all of the sudden.
     Ooo another thing, I can now read my email whenever I want. I can only reply on Monday, but I can read it whenever I want. So you should all send me a bunch of emails throughout the week so that I can feel cool every time I go to the church or walk by a McDonald's.
     Well anyways about transfers. It has officially come to pass. We are #whitewashing (I have an iPad, that's earned me the right to use hashtags)(are hashtags even like a thing anymore? Are they even a fake thing? #outdated)) Triana. This was probably the most tiring week of my life. But hey, you should all Google search Triana. It's pretty cool. And the part of the centre that we have has all the cool old
stuff. I mean, that also means all of the touristy stuff, which means
all hotels no apartment buildings, but, like alls good.
     We had to move pisos from the other side of the city. What a pain. And
this "new" pisos is the most chungo piso that I have ever been in. The
beds are basically in the kitchen. The pots and pans are stored under
the sink (where the mold grows) and the bathroom door doesn't open.
Oh, it closes just fine, the problem is opening after it's closed. We
have each locked ourselves in the bathroom like five times. But it's
okay, because we figured out that if the companion that is not locked
in the bathroom hands the companion that is locked into the bathroom a
knife through the window in the kitchen (yes, there's a window from
the kitchen to the bathroom) the one that's in the bathroom can jam
said knife into the crack between the wall and the door handle and pry
herself out. These are the kind of skills I am developing on the
mission mom and dad.
     Needless to say my new companion and I have had some really good
bonding experiences.
     Hermana Seoane is super Spanish, but don't tell her I said that. A
couple of members freaked because she is from the same town as Franco
(#googleit) but hearts were healed after she declared she always liked
South America more than her own country. #imayneverunderstandspain
but I like her. She cooks well and likes to contact. All I could ask
for in a killer.
     We've had a few serious miracles happen. Yesterday alone we found four
new investigators. (People that the elders didn't know before.) It's all
very exciting. I am being forced to work hard until the end.
Well love you!
Hermana Hannah Ashby