Monday, June 8, 2015

La Sartén

     It's really hot here. But like really hot. I'm dying. They call Sevilla "la sarten" or "the frying pan" because it is just so dang hot. And our brand new piso doesn't really have air conditioning. Death. I've invested in water bottles (many) and fans. Like the classic Spanish hand fans. That's what all the women in Sevilla are doing
these days.
     We had zone meeting. Hence the pictures. We are all very modern now with our iPads. It's super weird. I don't even bring scriptures around with me anymore. My bag is a lot lighter.
 I also went on intercambios this week. Last intercambio of my life (hopefully). I normally really hate intercambios, but I actually had a lot of fun this time. We found a few new investigators and took a ton of selfies. At the end of the day Hna Hurtado wanted to celebrate everything so we went to buy chicken and the lady at the counter was asking us about who we were and telling us about how missionaries used to visit her when she lived in Ecuador and then she gave us her number and address. Miracles come in the weirdest times and places.
We are actually doing really well in this new area. We have found a total of 10 new investigators this week. Not bad.
     Okay I've wasted a lot of time.
 Thank you everyone for emailing me this week. It was way cool to hear from you during the week. I love you all and I pray for you daily. Have a good week and keep updating me on your lives.

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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