Monday, June 16, 2014

Si No Has Visto Granada, No Has Visto Nada

     Wow a lot happened this week! Last monday we went to the church and played futbol with chairs. Hard to explain, but it was fun.
     I can't believe this was all this week.
     Tuesday morning we interviews with president. Nothing terribly exciting there. He said I look like a real missionary now, not just someone following around a missionary. Woot! Goal made.
     Then we had district meeting. Told everyone that it is important to be a diligent missionary.
Then I left for Málaga. These members came up to us at the bus station and were crazy excited to see us and took pictures with us like we were celebrities and then they boarded the same bus as me and they sat by me and literally talked to me the entire hour and a half there. It was this old couple and now I know their entire life story. I was pretty proud of myself because I was able to hold my own in a conversation in Spanish. Maybe I will get this someday.
     Then I did intercambios with Hna Brown. She trained Hna Reed and I just had a blast with her. She had a note for me from Hna Reed. She is doing great.
     Thursday we had 8 lessons. In one day. Oh yeah. Things have definitely started to pick up. This is awesome.
     Friday we went and ate lunch with Jose Rafael (he fed us morcilla AGAIN) and we told him that I am probably going to be transferred this next week and I have still never been to the Alhambra and so he drove us up right then to make us go buy tickets. But they were sold out. So then he took us to the hotel and bought us drinks (my drink of choice: fanta naranja) and it was all just kind of ridiculous. I have some super sweet pictures but I left my camera in the piso. Sorry, next week!
     Saturday. Saturday, Claire, the 8 year old daughter of the American family was baptized. She has become pretty good friends with Yasmin so we got Yasmin and her friend Nayeli to come with us. Afterwards Nayeli came up to me and asked me if she could be baptized. My response: "Uh... sure! Can we teach you a few things first?"
     Then it was Sunday. I don't remember much of Sunday but I had a huge headache. Oh right. The Hermanas from Jaen came and stayed the night. Yeah, That was only yesterday. They stayed the night because the guy at the ticket office of the Alhambra said if we got there at 7 Monday morning they might have some extra tickets to sell to us.The Alhambra, for those of you who don't know, is this ancient ginormous muslim palace. It is apparently the most visited monument in Spain. So if you are anywhere close you kind of have to go. So they came in at like 10 last night and we did not get to bed very early and then we woke up at five to get to be able to get there by 6:30 because apparently people start lining up at like 6 but we all got there and stood in line for like two hours. An Elder brought uno so we literally played uno all standing up in line at like 6:30 in the morning. Then this Muslim guy from Singapore asked if he could join us. Just try to imagine it because it all felt like a weird dream to me. But it all paid off because we got in! IT WAS AMAZING! You will get pics next week! But I am soooooo glad I got to go do that before I left. Totally worth it. We spent like 6 hours in total just traveling through and I don't even think we saw it all. And it is up on a mountain and you can look down and see all of Granada and the sight like literally took my breath away. Granada is amazing.
And so that's pretty much it.
I love you all!
Hermana Ashby

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