Monday, July 21, 2014

Las Perdidas Hermanas de Puertollano

Hey peeps.

So I really don't have a ton to write about this week. Pretty much same old same old. I really really hate public speaking in spanish so I think that is why I am here- to get used to it. I gave a taller (I don't even know what that word is in english) for district meeting and gave a talk on Sunday. So fun.

Hna Hoffman made cinnamon rolls for the district meeting. We brought them in tinfoil and told the Elders that she made them for them and so they thought that that meant that they were just supposed to bring them home.... so they took them all and didn't give us any. We never even tried them and our apartment has smelled like cinnamon rolls that we didn't eat all week. We have been fuming about it. My comp swore she is never making cinnamon rolls again which is super said because I really want some!

Sabrin, an eight year old daughter of a member was baptized this weekend. She is super adorable. More members showed up for her baptism than showed up for church so you can tell she is really loved. Like the pride and joy of the branch.
I will try to send pictures. We had planned on bringing our cinnamon rolls to share with the branch but well that didn't work out....
 And we told Presidente Montes (the branch president) what happened and he demanded that we give him the elders number so that he could yell at them. We didn't give it to him, but that made us feel better.

So yesterday, Hna Hoffman went into the bathroom to take a shower, turned on the faucet and only dirt water came out. Somebody was messing with our pipes outside. Super gross. But don't worry everything was back to normal this morning so I have showered!

And that was my week! Love you all!

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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