Tuesday, July 15, 2014

¿Chad o Javier?

     I thought I´d mix things up a bit.
La Mancha
     So like this is hard. But it's good. I am having a hard time thinking of any stories to tell. We walked around a lot. I am sunburnt. On the fourth of July the American family took us up to see a windmill before they left for good. Now we have no members to go to lesson with us.
A Don Quixote Windmill
 But the windmill was way cool. Then we had a combined district meeting in Ciudad Real. We had to take a train. A senior couple is serving near by and they made us some real American hamburgers and cake and that all felt really nice. We even sang the National Anthem. 
     There were only 8 people in church yesterday. That includes us. And then the branch president, his wife, and his son, who all live in Madrid. So like that makes three real members. But every single person in the congregation stood up to bear their testimonies. I bet very few people have seen that happen.
 Our 12 year old investigators drew on the board for us.
At least somebody appreciates our hard work :)
     Then the branch president invited us over for lunch. That's the first time someone has given us food here. They are a really nice family. Except for when the mom told me that  I am never getting married.... but then she gave me a bracelet so its all good I guess :P
And now it is PDay. This week we are going to have a zone conference in Málaga. I cannot even express how excited I am. Especially since we have to stay the night the night before and Hna Read (my MTC companion) is serving in Málaga right now. We have been begging everyone in a leadership position to let us stay the night in her and her companions piso because Hna Hoffman is friends with her companion. I guess we will see!
I love you! Have a good week!

                                                                                               Hermana Hannah Ashby
Hermana Hoffman made me tortilla de potata!

Her Brazilian food turned out much better. (She's half Brazilian)Yum!

Us by the windmill

And us again

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  1. Hey we are the American Family that was there in Puertollano with Hermana Ashby and Hermana Hoffman. It was great to spend time with them and help them teach the discussions. Make sure she visits our in-laws, Calle Montesa 7, 4A. You have a great daughter/sister, tell her to keep working hard in La Mancha, she is planting seeds and someday it will grow. The town has been through tough times, but it has great strong families. Tell her thanks for letting us go with them to teach, it was great preparation for my son, who leaves on his mission to Brazil next month.