Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Baptisms, balloons and prayers

Life is good out here in the middle of no where. Things are never boring in the life of a missionary.

     Long story short we are teaching this giant gypsy family. The dad (Fernando) and the oldest daughter (Remy) were baptized when the elders were here. We set a baptism date last week for the youngest daughter (Chiki) and Remy's oldest daughter (Natalia). They are both twelve years old. Natalia stole 20 euros out of Hna Hoffman's wallet though last monday though so we dropped her date. Chiki is probably the most sane out of them all though so she would be getting baptized this coming up Sunday if the branch president lived in Puertollao and was actually here sunday night. If he weren't the only worthy priesthood holder in the town and therefore the only one who actually affect the baptism we would probably just do it without him.... but thats life. we are going to watch the best two years with her today for our pday... hopefully it makes sense to her...
     We had a district (not stake) party thing here on friday. In total, from all over La Mancha, there were probably enough members to make up a ward. It was really excting to see our chapel that full. Although our branch president pulled our cone leaders into his office to tell them that he was disappointed in them because they weren't helping us. Then on Sunday he pulled us in to tell us he had this vision or dream or what have you:

Maybe we would have more success if we tried picking a building and then just knocking on random doors in that building, even if we didn't know the people that live there, and then just talking to people.

I thought it sounded  genius but then I remembered that we already did that and that we don't actually need to do that as much now because we have people to teach. He was pretty much shocked to hear that. Then he was mad we didn't tell him. I don't even know what anybody expects anymore.
     My favorite people in Puertollano are these two Ecuadorian sisters. The first time we knocked on their door the oldest told she was atheist but we talked to her long enough that she agreed to let us come back. We have now taught them three or four times. In our lesson on saturday she finally prayed for us for the first time and it was the most sincere thing I have ever heard and kind of exactly like the prayer by the king with Aaron in the book of Mormon. She just like started and said "God I don't know if you are there or not but these girls told me that you are and I hope that you are and I would really like to know if you are there and I am thankful for my family. Amen."
     It was beautiful and then she passed out. Just kidding! She is still conscious but I am sure she still felt the spirit. And that God was listening.
     Okay one more story and then I am out. We were sitting on the church steps the other day waiting to meet an investigator and this old man walked up to us and asked us what we are. We tried telling him that we are missionaries but he couldn't hear us so he rolled up a magazine and put it in his ear and made us talk through it. Don´t worry the story gets weirder. Then he asked us to blow up his balloon. Just go ahead and imagine our confusion. But then he begged us and we said fine to get him to leave. So then he left and we laughed about it and then we just kept waiting there for our investigator to show up. When up walks this man holding a balloon. Like an actual balloon that he got from who knows where. Then he forced each of us to blow it up and he stuck his ear on the balloon. Then he said thank you and walked away. Literally the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me in my entire life. I am serious, everyone is crazy here.
     Oh I forgot to mention anything about zone conference! Málaga is paradise! we spent the night with Hna Read and life was good. The actual conference was good too. I learned a lot. Some General Authority is coming in like October or something... I dont remember....
Welp that's it! Have a good week yáll!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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