Monday, March 30, 2015

Break Through

     I feel like finally this week we have got the work actually going. I have no idea why it took this long but I am feeling relieved. This week we found investigators, invited people to be baptized, got into inactive members' houses and everything else that sumarizes missionary work. We really are just getting it started though so I don't know if I have any cool stories or fun details.
     Okay heres one: Remember Santos? The alive guy? Welp story: Like Monday or so a member (Amalia) called and told us she wanted to visit him, with us. We thought it sounded like a good idea. Thursday we waited for her in front of Santos' house when she arrived with another member and her husband. We were surprised to see so many people and were worried that Santos didn't expect us all to just show up, but boy were we wrong! He had a whole array of snack items set out for us and we realized that this was not a missionary vist, it was a convention of sorts. With the leaders of the more experienced generation of the Sevilla 1st ward. The Old People club. Se llama Nuevas Miras. I do not know how we got an invite but my companion said she has never seen me in such a natural state. My natural habitat= old Spanish folk. They discussed their goals for the year, asked for donations (I excitedly pitched in a euro) and at one point we were holding hands in a circle singing Flamenco music. Then we did a group improv skit about old people complaining about young people. We took a group picture
and I read them one of my favorite new scriptures in which Paul calls the saints fellow citizens in the family of God. They almost shed literal tears. All while sipping on our Salmorejo. So so so cool.
     They want to take a group trip to Cádiz to visit all of the old folk there andI gave them some references. There going to make a book. I'll oder a copy, don´t worry. I don't know if I'll ever have an experience that tops that one so I'll probably just end with that.
     Last week we had trizone conference and I got to see Hna Evelo and Hna Read(from the mtc). And other friends. That was fun too I guess.
Welp have a good week, friends!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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