Monday, March 16, 2015


Mi Queridisma Familia,
     Once upon a time my companion got Bronchitis and we spent a ridiculous amount of time in the piso waiting for her antibiotics to kick in. I have never felt more restless in my life. I was however able to super organize the Area Book. The missionaries before me did not own a map of our area so we went on a hunt searching for a good one and I spent the week in piso matching up peoples' addresses and everything to the map. Not fun, but necessary. Now our work is going to be a lot easier. My companion has officially been healed so we have been freed from the green cube we call our piso. It feels nice to breathe.
     And Hermana Garcia really is great. We've made fast friends. I'm very, very hopeful for the rest of this transfer.
     Candela was baptised. The service went very beautifully. The spirit was strong, and all of her classmates and nonmmber family members were there and enjoyed it.
     Sevilla is beautiful. Just a pretty city; lots of ancient things everywhere. The people are very recpetive--I just feel very blessed to be here.
     I can't think of really anything else that has happened... so talk to y'all next week!

Hermana Ashby

PS Here are some pictures that Antoni and Amaila sent to me:

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