Monday, March 9, 2015


     Here I am. Chillin' in Seville. No big deal.
     Transfer weeks are the weirdest because baisically your world changes within just a few days. Leaving Cádiz was just so sad. I miss it. Just a gorgeous little beach town. Sigh.
     But Sevilla is honestly awesome. It is giant. At least compared to Cádiz and Peurtollano. I'm trying to remember how Granada was. Probably a similiar size but there were less missionaries therefore we covered a bigger area so it seemed a whole smaller. There are a ton of missionaries here and I am not used to it. And two wards. The ward here is probably twice the size as the ward in Cádiz was. And it is super stable. And there are so many interesting people. It is very diverse. A woman from Australia made us binofy (honestly no idea how to spell that) pie. There are multiple families from the Philippines. The Bishop's family is the cutest thing ever. Ooo! Almost forgot to mention, we are going to have a baptism this weekend. Like sort of. She is nine. Her mom is a member but she is super hippie (complete with dred locks) and she decided that primary didn't teach her daughter enough and she wanted her to take all of the missionary discussions before she got baptized. It has taken over a year now but finally we have finished and the baptism will be on Friday (the 13th). And it now counts as a convert baptism. So no complaints. A very, very cute little girl named Candela. I am excited. We are brainstorming ideas on how to make a nine year old baptism really meaningful for her. We will probably buy here a journal and write our testimonies in it. We made her a sticker calender so that she can mark when she reads in The Book of Mormon and prays. It's fun.
     Welp, That's all folks.

Talk to you next week!
Hermana Ashby

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