Monday, April 6, 2015

Semana Santa parte 2

Querida Familia,
     It was Semana Santa! For us that baisically just means we worked in a ghost town all week. Our area is kind of isolated from the rest of the city so everyone just took off and went to the city center for the celebrations and what not.
     We have a couple of peublos (little towns) that are also included in our area so we tried to focus a little bit more on those this week since no one was in Pino Montano (the section of Sevilla that we have). We did some fun exploring and searching for the menos activos that have probably never been visited. These pueblos are super pretty. They look like what I pictured Spain would look like before I actually came here. White painted villages.
     We met some people that have a lot of potential also. Everyone in the streets gave us funny looks. They are obviously not used to foreigners or missionaries visiting. So that meeant they were really curious when we talked to them. It was kind of cool. Spaniards are naturally very open and talkitve people when not suspiciouly trying to shut down all attempts of talking about "other" religions. I quite enjoyed myself. But it does make things kind of complicated for the future because getting the pueblo people to the city for church is not an easy task so we are still going to do most of our work in Pino Montano. Una lastima.
     And don´t forget! It was Conference weekend! Best weekend of the year! This time I got to see all sessions in English. They set up a little english room for all us English speakers. We even got permission to stay up and watch half of the Sunday afternoon session. We got to see up to President Uchtdorf do his announcement in German before we had to take off. It was very difficult to leave.
     Easter is beuatiful. Christ lives.

That was my week. I love you all!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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