Monday, December 29, 2014

La Navidad!

My Dearest Family,
     It's Christmas! Well, sort of, not really. But it was! Christmas is the best. We have been told that Christmas doesn't end here until the Three Kings' Day so we will see what that is all about.

     Last Saturday was the ward christmas party. I don't think I talked about that. It was sort of super chaotic. They had us be the servers and so we obviously had a lot of angry Spaniards telling us how to do things correctly. I think in the end it was all good though. I didn't really eat anything, but the cake was good.      They told my campanion that she would give a talk on Sunday and we spent the whole week preparing it for her and then at the last minute they called and told her nevermind. At least she has a really good missionary Christmas talk all prepared for next year. Plaza de España (which apparently is in Star Wars) and then just kind of walked around down town. It was fun. Their piso is way cold. I'm happy to have our nice warm piso in Cádiz. We have a heater.
     Monday I went and partied it up with Hna Hurtado in Sevilla while our campanions went to do resdiency in Malaga. That means I got a pday in Sevilla! Way cool. We went to the

     And Wednesday was Christmas Eve. We didn't have to work so that pretty much meant almost all day in the piso until night time when we went to a member's for dinner. Christmas Eve is a big deal in Spain. Lots and lots of fancy food. We had a a lot of food. Then it was Christmas! We went to El Peurto de Santa Maria for breakfast with the rest of the zone. We had "make your own omeletes" boiled in a plastic bag (yes Dad, coolest thing ever). Then on the way back we took the ferry and we saw a dolphin! (Comes in as a close second with the omelet bag thing.) Christmas miracle. How many people can say they saw a dolphin on Christmas morning on their mission in Spain. Pretty sure that's only me and the other missionaries with me and then maybe some other people.. I don't really know. But percentage-wise in the world that is very very few. Pretty sweet.
     Then we went home and chocolate overdosed on all the goodies are families sent us, slept and then we went to the member's house again to skype our families.
     All and all a pretty good Christmas. Work right now is awful, but I'm sure it will pick up eventually.
Okay have to go. I love you.

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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