Monday, December 8, 2014

Training and Christmas

     We had a pretty busy week. Lots of traveling. Trainers Training was a lot of fun. I am kind of afraid to have a brand new missionary. I hope that I don't mess her up for the rest of her mission. In this group they are all from the US or Albania (weird,right?) so I will have to help her to learn the language, the lessons, and the rules. Our schedule is a little different than the rest of the mission. We will have two hours more in our apartment for language study and a program called 12 Weeks where I'll have to teach her some weird missionary lessons.
     I'll be with a brand new misionary for Christmas! That's what I have the most fear for. She's going to cry. And then I'm going to cry. A couple of members invited us over and that's really good, like I'm excited, but at the beginning of my mission members were terrifiying. They spoke gibberish (spanish) and gave me weird food. I hope she is more courageous than I was.
     Saturday was zone meeting in Peurto de Santa Maria. We took a boat to get there. AWSOME. The english branch made us Thanksgiving dinner. It felt like home. And then afterwards they had their christmas party and we were all invited to stay. They sang a ton of christmas songs in english. Super weird. I felt like I was in America. We had a lot of fun.
     Transfer calls came for realsSsaturday. Hna Volpe is going to Malaga 4 to be with a sister that just got out of training. I totally called it. She is excited.
     Has anyone seen the "He is the Gift" video? The church is putting a TON of money and energy into advertising this video. Each companionship of missionaries has been given a GIANT box of pass along cards and we have been asked to hand out at least ten every day. That is nearly impossible I have discovered. Actually, I found out that they accept them if I point out that "the virgin" is on it. Fetching Catholics.
And that is it.

I love you all! Have a fun christmas season!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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