Monday, December 1, 2014

Planchando las Orejas

     I'm training next transfer! Cool right? I am excited.
     What a week!
     We spent all week begging people to come to church and three came! We've had more here, but three was the minimum goal that we had so it worked out nicely. There isn't much else to talk about but church, so I'm starting with that. One of the investigators that came was an 87 year old friend of a member that we called to tell her happy birthday. (Well let's be honest, it was really to invite her to come to church.) But she came! Little things count. We are going to visit her this week. I hope she gets baptized. That'd be sweet.
     Another investigator that came was Paco. I can't remmeber if I've ever talked about Paco for reals. He is the brother-in-law of the less active who's mom died. They all live in the same apartment. When I got here he was very very very atheist and he was not afraid to tell us that every time we invited him to church. We got him to come to church once before the death of the mother-in-law and then he dropped of the face of the planet. He resurfaced yesterday. He told us he came to church to tell us that he wants to get baptized. I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually understand all that baptism entails, or even what the bible is, so we are going to have to take it a lot slower with him than he suddenly wants. I'm worried that he's snapped a little bit, but I didn't have a lot of time to talk to him yesterday so we'll see.
     The other is Rosa. we started teaching her a couple months ago and she has come every week. She would get baptized, but has a live-in boyfriend. Problem. Maybe they'll get married before I leave?
     That's pretty much it for our investigators right now actually. Well, we also have Pepi and family and friends but their beliefs are rooted in reincarnation and have told us more than once that they are too catholic to change religions. I don't get it either. They loved The Restoration movie.
     And that's my life.
     Wednesday Im going to Malaga for "trainer's training" and Friday we have Zone Conference in El Peurto de Santa Maria. There is a military base there with an American branch and they want to make us a belated Thanksgiving dinner. I am pretty stoked.
     You will know more next week! I love you!

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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