Monday, October 6, 2014


     So a lot happened this week and I don't have a ton of time to write it all. So bear with me here.
Hannah and her enormous birthday box
     Tuesday, I got a giant package from my mom! We threw a mini birthday party during medio dia. My companion made me pasta and I opened everything--it was great.

"This one really excited me"
     Wednesday I went to the trizone conference in Sevilla. That was cool. I like actually knew people there this time. Like Most of my group from the MTC was there and it was super fun to see them all.
So in Spanish there are two forms to say"you": tú and usted (formal). In the white bible [Missionary handbook] it says to use usted and in the mtc they taught us to use usted but a lot of people get angry here when you speak to them in usted. So it has become our mission culture to use tu. And when I first came to the field everyone made fun of me for using usted so I dropped it quickly and never fully learned. Just lately I have even been perfcting my Vosotros. But at trizone conference President Deere called us all to repentance and told us that we all have to switch to speaking in usted form ASAP with absolutely everyone.
"me and a statue"

What a struggle this week has been.
     I feel like I am starting all over with my Spanish. More often than not I conjugate everything in tu and then add the word usted at the end of my sentences. It is terrible.

"Oraste anoche?.... I MEAN ¿Has orado.... usted?"
Nailed it.

     And this weekend was Conference weekend! I love General Conference!
This time I got to watch everything in English. They set it up in the Relief Society room for us, and all the missionaries in our zone came. It was fun and inspiring and just great. There is nothing like listening to a prophet's voice.
     And that's it. We are going to Jerez today to play frisbee or something I geuss. woot woot.

Until next week!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

"And now I'm a gangsta missionary"


Me and the ocean"

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