Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mama Mia!

     This was probably one of the most dramatic weeks of my life.

     Monday, we went to Jerez to play futbol. Woot. Hey geuss what! There is an Elder in Jerez that went to Richland High his freshman year and there's an Hermana that's in San Fernando that is from Benton. Cool, right? The things you learn when you wear your bomber shirt to pday.
     Tuesday morning, the Relief Society president called us to tell us that the mother of one of our inactive members died and she asked us to visit her. Well, we went right away and I was really surprised to see a ward support system. The Bishop and her visiting teacherss were already there. Three cheers for a functioning ward.
     Wednesday, I hit 9 months. Super weird.
     Friday, we had Zone Conference. Then we did intercambios. I went to Jerez again. This intercambio was actually pretty fun because we woke up on Saturday and went and played futbol all morning with members and investigators. Yay for not having to work in somebody else's area.
     Yesterday. Welp last night we went to go visit this member who's mother died. She invited us in and we went and sat down and her nine year old son ran in and sat down next to us and we were talking to them both when we could here yelling in the next room. So the member ran to the next room and the yelling escalated. We sat there trying (and failing) to distract the nine year old. then they all migrated into the kitchen and I didn't really see it all because I was focused on the kid, but the sister of the mom took a knife, and then the mom yelled at us to take her son and run. Hna Volpe says she saw the brother in law trying to strangle somebody. So we did as told and we could here screaming almost until we got to our apartment building. Then we sat down and tried to call the Bishop but he didn't answer. And then we called President because, like, we were stranded with a kid and in a pretty dramatic situation. Then the cousins of this kid came to the park next to where we were at, and a huge group of teenagers gathered around them and they started fighting each other and so then we ran again. It all kind of felt like a big nightmare. President called the Elders and ordered them to jump in a taxi ASAP and come to our rescue. So we went back to our buliding and the mom was sitting there waiting for us, crying. Then the Elders showed up, and they all came up to our apartment (totally not allowed but like the rules were already out the window at this point) and the Elders gave both the kid and the mom blessings. The boy was going through our stuff and he found my robot fish and I gave it to him. Sorry Mom, that was a birthday present from you. Then they all left and we were at peace again.
     So I called President to tell him everything was fine and he didn't have to worry. He told us we aren't allowed to go back to their house at least for the next several weeks, which I am not all that uspet about.
     He also told me that he was just in La Mancha and the second son of the Montes family has started preparing for a mission. He is a little on the older side to be preparing for a mission, so President asked him what made him want to go all of the sudden and he said it was because of the two hermanas. I just started crying. I still feel very emotionally about Peurtollano.
And yeah, that was my week. Good times.
Talk to ya lata
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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