Monday, March 3, 2014


Sorry Mom, I know you don't appreciate fake swear words, but to me fetch is spanish. Apparently it's like the first "english" word any of the spanish missionaries learned and they say it all of the time. And I just giggle. Hermana Parrilla was surprised to hear that nobody actually says fetch except for spanish missionaries. She also doesn't believe me that no english words need an r roll sound. She spent probably half an hour going through my english to spanish dictionary pointing out words with a double r. I say quarry and grill wrong apparently. hahaha.
The view from Hannah's balcony: "yes, we have a balcony"

Don't worry she does speak english, but she doesn't get a lot of american things. Like last night we were at an invesigtators apartment. This investigator somehow has heard some crazy things about the church and of course has a problema with polygamy so we were just kind of trying to salvage the remnants of her almost testimony of The Book of Mormon and things were just kind of going awful and then all the sudden she said she remembered she had a treat for us. Paite. (I don't actually know how to spell that) But it is basically meat paste. and I told her that we didn't really eat paite in the US and she said that we must have faux gras. Uh yup we do. And we have animal liver. So I started panicking when this lady went into her kitchen and Hermana Parrilla was so excited to eat this duck liver paste, and then the investigator brought it out on toast like it was this special treat and I grinned (used my acting skills) and downed it. "¡Mucha gracia!" ( Not muchas gracias because I am in southern Spain and the letter S doesn't exist here) I could not wait to leave and brush my teeth. I almost died, and Hna Parrilla thinks I am absolutely ridiculous. sigh.
So there are 8 missionarys in Granada. For one tiny ward. There were about 93 members in attendance yesterday. I don't know actually how many is normally in wça ward but considering every one of the Relief Society members had to come to kiss my face and give me a pity look yesterday before sacrament meeting it doesn't feel like very many. And 8 missionarys is a lot. We are the only sisters so everyone loves us even though they think I'm a little slow. 
We spend a ton of time all week just tracking down inactive and less active members in our area, because the chapel is on the oppisite side of the city which means a 40 minute bus ride to get to church every Sunday and so many people have just decided it isn't worth it. So the responibility falls to the Hermanas.
Sunday evenings we teach a 70 year old women how to read. It is by far the best part of my week. She gives us hot chocolate and toast and makes me use a blanket and I just feel warm and then we slowly read scriptures together. In spanish so I have no idea what's going on and I cant really help her because i don't know how to read in spanish either but it's just a really comforting time.
I should probably talk about the rest of the week now. Thursday  I went on intercambios. IM PRETTY SURE THAT MEANS EXCHANGES BUT NO ONE HAS EVER TOLD ME. NOT SUPPOSED TO BE IN CAPS BUT I HAVE NO TIME.  Woops. Anyways.... I went to Málaga with one of the sister training leaders. That one night just put everything into perspective for me.  Hna Flake has one of the worst spanish accents I have ever heard so it is okay if I never speak spanish perfectly because she doesn't and people still understand her and she is extremely successful. And it is okay if I think Spain is weird sometimes and that spaniards can be crazy. I mean, really, why is every store randomly closed for like 4 hours in the middle of the day? Don't they lose a  ton of money that way? And it is so not healthy to fry EVERYTHING with olive oil. They don't even refrigerate their eggs. But yeah, I can stop stressing out. So I felt a lot better afer spending some time with an American. Oh a man yelled at us in German! He said we looked German. But... I don't look German....So weird.....
I know that there is more I wanted to write I have forgotten. Stephanie is right and I need to start writing in my planner stuff I want to email about. If anybody wants to know anything they should ask because I really just feel like I am rambling in this email every week. 
"So I got your package! and the letter! This is me this morning with the bear."

I love you so much. 
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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