Monday, March 10, 2014

Hay No Chinos en America

Queridos familia y amigos,
      So on like every street corner here there are these stores owned by chinese people that sell absolutely everything for super cheap. They are like miniature Walmarts. And eveyone calls them Chinos, which would totally not fly in the U.S. And until this week I had no idea what anyone was talking about when they were telling me to go to the Chino to buy things. So I finally asked Hna Parrilla what a Chino is and she thought I was crazy for not knowing so I told her that we don't really have them in America and she was incredulous so she called our Zone Leader immediately for confirmation and he was confused so he told her that of course there are Chinese people living in America. So now Hna thinks she won the argument but she is mistaken. Unless I have forgotten everything, we only have Walmarts to buy random cheap supplies. Also, I told her bakeries are not as common as Panaderias are here and she was like "You are wrong. How would people eat breakfast without panaderias?" I laughed for like five minutes straight. Spain is the best.
      This week passed crazy fast which I am going to take as a good sign. And I have been in Spain for two months officially now. Life as a misisonary is good, even though I can never understand people when they speak to me. Oh I realized I never told anyone my new schedule. Are you ready?
I wake up at... drum roll please...
7!! Thats right a half hour later han the rest of the missions in the world and the MTC. In summer it will be 7:30 because Spain is just that awesome.
then we exercise for 30 minutes
7:30 a 8:30 we get ready and eat breakfast
8.30 a 9.30 estudiar personal
9.30 a 11.30 companionship study
11.30 Salir
Now are you ready for the best part?
¡Medio Dia!
2.00 a 5.00 we return to the piso and eat and language study and update our area book and baisically sleep. This is how I know Spain is the best.
Then a las 5 salir otro vez and we don't have to be back in our apartments until 9.45 when we plan for half an hour then eat if we didn't eat at a members house and get ready for bed and
11.00 is lights out!
If you couldnt tell already I love our schedule.
     Thursday I went to my first Zone Meeting. I understood very little of it but it was nice to meet all of the missionaries in our zone. our district is by far the largest because we also include the two companionships in Motril. There are two other hermana companionships in  our zone but honestly I don't know exactly where they are serving. Maybe Jaen.
     Yesterday the elders had a baptism and we invited all of our investigators but only the crazy one showed up without his normal father. It was soo beautiful. And afterwards our investigator was asking me if I had been baptized and so we taught him all about baptism and he was just crazy excited so I asked him if he wanted to be baptized and he just stopped and said "NO nononononono" we just stared at him and Hermana Parrilla asked him why and he said baptism wasn't good and we just stared at him some more and finally I asked him how he felt when this other man was baptized and he described to me exactly how he felt as the man came out of the water (muy bien, like the man was perfectly clean) and basically  bore his testimony about baptism to us. But he himself refuses to consider baptism. Spaniards are crazy.
     This morning was my first real PDay when we actually did something exciting. We had to get special permission to go with just two elders to the cathedral because the rest of our district decided at the last minute they wanted to go to the mountains and see the snow and there wasn't room for us in the Zone Leaders car. I am still a little bitter, but I loved the cathedral. Sooooo cool. Somebody should look up how old it is or something and tell me because I have know idea. I will try to send pictures. I love history and old things.
"maybe a tiny sacrilegious"

"My district leader knocking doors like nobody's business."

Hannah in the Cathedral

And that is about it for this week. I love you all!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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