Monday, March 24, 2014

La Vida es Loca

     P-Days are the best. Nothing seems hard on P-Days.
This week was a lot less successful than last week. But that happens I guess. The sister training leaders told us that when we have a bad week it just means that the Lord is preparing us for more miracles the next week. I am ready for it!
     I will start with last Monday. Almost as soon as we woke up our district leader called to ask us if it would be okay if we had our district meeting on that day instead of on tuesday so that the Motril elders could come and pend the whole day in Granada with us. We were a little frustrated but we called and moved all of our appointments to Tuesday and cleared our whole Monday. Then we went to the church and had district meeting which was a little out of control because everyone felt like it was pday. Then we all went to the computer lab and emailed together which was just weird and then we went back to the chapel and we played monopoly España version. Super super fun. I want to buy it someday. I was in the last three winners so, like, go me. I think the elders were subconsciously letting me win because they felt bad for me until Hna Parrilla got frustrated, pointed it out to them, and then suddenly I did a lot worse. I need more practice with monopoly. So then we all went bowling. We even invited some ward missionaries so there was just a crazy amount of us. Waaay fun. But then the missionary secretary called Hna Parrilla y yo that I had to go to Malága early Tuesday morning to get residency and I wouldn't be back until Wednesday evening. That is two more days of canceled appointments. I still want to just groan thinking about it.
     But then Tuesday I got to go to Malága(well really Fuengirola)! It was scary navigating the bus/train system by myself but I figured that out but then when I actually arrived to Fuengirola no one was there to meet me. I was told before that the mission office was right across the street from the train station so I wondered around the streets until I ran into Elder Fisher! From the CCM! His trainer had given him instructions on how to get to the mission office so then we found it no problem. And then the elders there drove us to the mission home and Hna Read and Elder Ward were there! Elder Ward had been met at the train station and Apparently Elders had met Hna Read all the way in Malaga and guided her through the train and took her all the way to the Mission office because they were worried she would get lost. It's fine. I don't need elders. psh.
     I was soooooooo happy to see Hna Read. I didn't realized how much I missed her until I saw her again. I am pretty sure we just laughed and talked and cried with each other straight for the whole like 24 hours we had together. I mean even when we were trying to sleep we kept remember stories we had to tell each other. It was really bad and apparently our room was right below Presidente Deeres room and in the morning his wife told us she heard laughter all night and we felt soooo bad and we just kept apologizing and I'm pretty sure our faces were bright red and she just laughed at us told told us that they like that sound, and if all of our stories of the past five weeks include that much laughter we must be doing good. Bullet dodged. I think for me it was just nice being with someone that has going through the exact same thing as me. And she is American. And then we relived all of our inside jokes from the MTC with the elders. I really needed that I think. I wish we could do a reunion every six weeks.
     So I got back home to Granada on Wednesday. We were only able to do a little bit of contacting that night. And Then on Thursday started the fiesta de primevera. It seemed like everybody in the whole city was on the streets drinking and partying from Thursday to Sunday. Almost everyone we had appointments with canceled on us. And it felt the the only really safe thing we could do was knock doors but of course no one was home.
     Including yesterday, we only had 5 lessons all week. Count them: 5. For those of you who don´t know, 5 is really low even for Spain. I think in the district they had over 40. I think we had 13 the last week and that felt low even though they were beneficial lessons. And it felt like we just worked so hard all week. That's okay, next week will be better!!!
I am done for now. You are all amazing. Thank you for your support!
Hermana Hannah Ashby
PS I am in the mission blog this week!

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