Monday, March 31, 2014

No Pasa Na

Buenos Dias,
     This was probably one of the most challenging weeks OF MY LIFE. No big deal. Next week will probs be worse but I will tell you more about that later. I wish I could update you more often so I didnt feel like I had to give you all the old information before I can get to what is really on my mind right now. Oh well.
     I'll start with Wednesday. Wednesday Hna Parrilla and I organized a Noche de Diversión because this ward doesn't really do any activities outside of sunday and we wanted something to invite our investigators to and less actives. It was a super success. We invented a Mormon Pictionary game and tons of people showed up and one inactive lady that we invited even brought pizza and soda without even telling us. I actually think it helped bring the ward together. Everyone had a lot of fun.
Then on Thursday we had our tri-zone conference in Málaga. One of the APs called us a couple of weeks ago and asked us to teach a little lesson from the Missionary Handbook. I was absolutely terrified because I dont actually know Spanish. Normally for these conferences they have the new missionaries sit in the back with translators. Not teach!! So every companionship study we practiced what we(mostly I) was going to say. I had it all memorized so I stopped sressing out about it. But then wednesday night we went over it again and it just didn't feel right so we prayed about it and we both felt like we should actually teach something else. Terror struck once again. And then we didn't have any more time to practice the new thing that we wanted to teach because we had to go to  bed and wake up super early to get on the bus to Málaga. We talked about it a little on the bus and decided the subject and everything but we really werent super prepared. I was desperately praying and we stood up and just started teaching and I bore my testimony (because thats one of the only things I know how to do in spanish) and then President stood up to give his lesson and he joked that my spanish was better than a native Élder sitting on the front row and he didn't need to give his lesson anymore because we already bore our testimonies about everything that was planning. He even qouted something that I said during part of his lesson. It was honestly kind of perfect. Heavenly Father loves me.
      Friday was stressful because it was transfer weekend. Transfers are every six weeks. I didn't want to leave Granada and I was even more worried that Hna Parrilla would leave because I don't know how to get anywhere without her. I wasn't super worried because usually companionships stay together for 2 transfers--especially when they are training. So all friday I jumped every time the phone rang. But then we didnt recieve a call so I thought we were safe. I slept peacefully for probably the last time for a while now. But sure enough during Personal study Presidente Deere called. Hna Parrilla is going to serve in Málaga three. She is leaving me. I will have a new trainer se llama Hna Muse. She only has three transfers left until she goes home and she has trained before. I have never met her but everyone says she is awesome. She comes Wednsday. Honestly we are going to get sooooo lost this week. Hopefully I can figure out how to get home from the bus station. Oh what am I going to do? People keep tellling me that this must mean President and Heavenly Father must have a lot of faith in me but I really think that they are just trying to force me to learn faster than I would normally let myself learn. They know better than me.
      Actually all of the companionships are changing in Granada. It is CRAZY. I think all of our numbers must be really low lately and Presidente is bringing in the special forces. Because everyones favorite missionaries are coming. Really something needed to change. So I guess it makes sense. I am both terrified and excited. Mostly terrified. Jajaja. (Hahaha)
Well wish me luck. Actually better-pray for me. And send me letters. Letters will give me comfort :)

Hey I was on the blog a few times this week! Woot! Go me!

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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