Monday, April 7, 2014

Estamos Aquí en Graná

Queridos Todos,
     I had a realization this week. I am not in Granada (she said in a very thick American accent) I am serving in Graná. I don´t know how I missed that one. I LOVE when the locals cut off the ends of their words. I even have a hard time not laughing when people tell me they don't have time "pá ná." Fetching hilarious.
     I can hardly even remember the beginning of this week. Lets see.... I went and had tapas with Hna Parrilla!  You just go into a restaurant and tell the waiter that you want tapas and they just bring you out random miniature dishes until you tell them to stop. My favorites were these chicken on a stick thingys. My least favorite was the rabbit. That's right I ate rabbit. Except I didn't know I was eating rabbit. I asked Hna Parrilla if it was pork or something and she said she thought it was chicken and it was obviously not chicken to me so I told her she could have the rest and then later on I asked if it was rabbit and she was like "oh yeah that makes sense now! I love rabbit!" Crazy spaniards :P
     So then on Wednesday Hna Parrilla was gone and Hna Muse came. Just incase you were wondering I was indeed able to find our piso from the bus station. Every thing else I found with a map. Hna Muse is great. Shes a super hard worker. Honestly kind of the oppisite of Hna Parrila. She is going to take some getting used to, but I think that we are going to have  a ton of success this transfer. I can just feel it.
     Our ward wants so badly to be two wards and they all expect the missionaries to start kicking it up and have a like a million baptisms. Our ward mission leader decided to set a Dia Blanco for us. He wants each companionship to have three baptisms on May 10th. We are going to fast every Tuesday for it and ask a different family every week to fast with us. I am super excited. Miracles are possible.
     Speaking of miracles who watched Conference this weekend? I know I did! Conference was Amazing! The Saturday morning session I watched live and in english on a computer in the chapel at like 6 pm. then we had to wait to watch the Saturday afternoon until 2 the next day. There is an American family temporarily living in our ward and they invited all of the missionaries over and we ate classic american food and watched Conference in english. You have no idea how comforting that was. And it was probably my favorite session. Some super fuerte talks. But Hna Muse and I couldn't watch the next session in english because we brought an investigator with us! Sacrifice right? In fact, our investigotor called us TWICE to see when it was. I honestly don't know what made her suddenly so excited but it was a miracle. I even understood most of the talks. I love Conference. Sunday night we got special permission to stay up in the capilla to watch the last session. But about ten minutes before the computer crashed with some kind of crazy virus. All of the elders were surrounding it and trying to figure out what was happening. They spent probably 45 minutes there until finally I was just like "why don't we pray?" They all kind of turned around and looked at me and I said "um we are missionaries. We are supposed to pray" we all got down on our knees right there and prayed. Then we stood up and sure enough the computer was working. Not going to lie, we were all in shock. Everyone highfived me. Prayers are answered.
And that's pretty much all I have to say right now. I am still loving Graná. After we left the American family's house we overlooked the city ( they live on a mountain) and Hna Muse said "we live in the coolest city in the world" And it's true.
I love you and miss you!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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