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     So we did intercambios again this week with the SHEs in Málaga. I can´t actually remember what their official title is anymore, but yeah. This time Hna Flake came here with me. I was super nervous that I wouldn't be able to get anywhere by myself but it turns out Grana was actually Hna Flake's first area too. It was fun to hear her stories about the members and everything and I actually had planned on visiting her favorite member that day anyways. It was a lot of fun and I feel like I learned a lot from her in just that short amount of time. She also showed me where to find the best ice cream on the planet. Like literally it is so good. I have been there twice now with Hna Muse. mmm
A "live worm" vending machine
     Yasmin came to our Noche de Diversión this week! We made temples out of marshmallows so of course she had fun. Then afterwards we gave her a tour of the Stake Center. When we walked into the chapel and turned on the lights we could all feel the spirit so strong. I finally broke the silence and asked Yasmin how she felt when she was in that room and she said she felt so much peace and like she couldn't think any bad thoughts at all. Then we showed her the baptismal fount and she got really excited and asked us all kinds of questions about our baptismal service. Hna Muse and I were planning on challenging her to get baptized on the 10th this past Friday but she was grounded and couldn't meet with us. and then she was supposed to come with us to church on Sunday but her mom called us Saturday night and apologized but she wasn't going to let Yasmin come with us to church either because she wasn't being responsible enough at home. But Diana promised us that she would let her come with us next week and we are meeting with Yasmin again tomorrow. As long as her mom is okay with it we are thinking we are going to challenge her to be baptized on the 11th instead. Both of us really feel like she is ready.
     So we are all cutting this Día de Blanco thing a little short. Especially since to get baptized an investigator first has to attend church twice so we basically have no one. So Hna Muse and I are thinking of throwing that out the window and changing it to a White Weekend. Why limit ourselves to one day, right?
     Okay here is another cool story: We had a lesson with this inactive member mom (Glenda) and her 16 year old daughter Romina (who has not been baptized) on  Saturday. We taught the Restoration lesson and it went really well and we were closing up and then Romina asked if she could ask us a question. She said she thought she was watching a documentary and she found out that heaven was a tree. We just looked at her like she was insane and we asked what documentary she was watching and then she changed it to saying she must have read it in the bible or something about a spititual tree that everyone has to get to and eat from to get to heaven. And so then we asked where she read that in the bible (cuz it isn't anywhere I have seen ) and she told us that actually it was a dream that she had and she just wanted to know if we knew what it meant. She continued to describe that in her dream there was a ton of dark fog but then a big glowing tree and a straight path to this tree and people kept getting lost in the fog but it was everyone's goal to make it to the tree so that they could go to heaven. Hna Muse and I kind of just looked at each other because we had literally just been studying Lehi's Dream that morning during comp study. Hna Muse opened up her scriptures to 1 Nephi 8 where she glued in a picture of Lehi's Dream and then Romina's eyes got really big and she just kept saying "That's my dream! That's my dream!" So we told her what it was and where she could read it. Then she said to us "So, if my dream was in this book than that means this book is true and that means listening to you two is the true path that I need to follow, doesn't it?" We were like "Uhhh yeah. Exactly." I am not making this up. She had Lehi's Dream. She is getting baptized. Eventually. Just wow.
     Last night we had an amazing lesson too. We had an appointment with this lady who canceled on us (of course) so we were going through are list of possible future investigators and just kind of knocking doors when we remembered that we had forgotten to call this girl we had met on the street a couple of weeks ago. So we call this girl (Alejandra) and she tells us she had tried calling us before but the number she had was wrong but she really wanted to meet with us that night. That is weird because people don't normally try calling us, let alone asking us for an appointment! Obviously we didn't have anything better to do so we went to her apartment. We had inconveniently given away our last copy of The Book of Mormon to this guy earlier that day so we didn't have another one to give her and teach her about (that is normally our first lesson). So we decided to go with teaching her the Plan of Salvation. She was extremely receptive to everything we said and asked really thoughtful questions about it and agreed to everything we said. So then at the end we told her about the Celestial Kingdom and how we will be with our families and Heavenly Father there. And she really liked what we were saying so I decided to go for it a challenge her to be baptized. And she accepted right away!!!! We didn't give her an actual date because well.. the 11th is honestly a little soon and to commit her to it after the first lesson but fingers crossed. We meet with her again on Thursday.
     Which brings me to another amazing miracle. Yesterday started the week of Consecration for my mission. We are all consecrating absolutely all of our work,time, and efforts to God this week. The Granada district will be fasting twice and we are all going to be exactly obedient (that includes not saying fetch). And Hna Muse and I have already had something amazing happen. Starting tonight, We have an appointment every single hour possible this week. We are completely booked. We are thinking about taking out medio dia to fit more people in. This has never happened to me before. Remember that week when Hna Parrilla and I only had 5 lessons in one week? well we already had three yesterday. This is insanity. Semana De Consagración = Semana de Milagros all leading up to our fin de semana blanca. I am Pumped.
I love you all and miss you! Don't forget to write me!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

Here are some pictures from Semana Santa! (Holy Week)

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