Monday, February 23, 2015


Buenos Días,
     So I just found something out. It's game changer. Cádiz is Tarshish in the Bible. Look it up, it is in the Bible Dictionary, but specifically you should look up Isaiah 66:19. It says that the gospel will be preached to the gentiles in Tarshish in the last days. I am fulfilling prophecy. No big deal. Also, it is the city that Jonah tried to escape to before a whale ate him. Also, not a big deal. Lies! It's a really big deal.
     Hey, so update on the investigators Amalia and Toni. They've tried to drop us a few times since I mentioned them last but we decided to ignore that unless they told us that we weren't welcome to come back. They were just afraid of committment. So Friday we were suppposed to meet with them and then Toni calls right before and tells us that Amalia's having a bad day so maybe we could come Tuesday and that'd be better. I told him "no, we´ll just call on Saturday and see how she is." And then we decided to go and leave a post-it note on their door with a nice uplifting scripture also saying that we hope she feels better soon. Then at 3 in the morning we get a text from Amalia that they got our note coming home from the hospital. Toni had a heart attack a couple of months ago and had to get open heart surgery and was in recovery but on Friday he was having chest pains again. He told us it was Amalia because he didn't want us to worry. Also, Saturday morning we called very concerned, obviously, and they told us that at the hospital they didn't have any room to admit him so he was to come back on Sunday (Spanish medical care), Also, the doctor told him to cut anything stressful out of his life which they decided was us. But he still told us that we could come over whenever we wanted.
      We offered the Elders to give him a blessing, he accepted and then we made cookies, met with the Elders and the Ward Mission Leader, and went to their house to give him a blessing. They reacted very well and we told them to call us on Sunday when they knew what was going on.
     Sunday afternoon they called from home telling us they had just gottten back. He had little veins around his heart that were destoying themselves-I don't know how to phrase that in English. It's not anything big I guess. But here comes the good part! He told us that he had just told his wife that he had decided to enter. I'm assuming that means to get baptized. He said he is throughroughly convinced that our doctrine is true, and even more, that we have shown him that our doctrine is true through our example and how we weren't willing to leave them. My heart melted. They are the best. We told them to rest and we would call today. We will see how things go from here.
     And that is all the exciting stuff that has happened this week.

I hope you all have a good week!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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