Monday, February 2, 2015


     It has been a weird week. I am ready to get back into the normal missionary life now.
     I caught the flu. I'm assuming. Or whatever gripe tanslates into. I've been sick. That was last Monday and Tuesday. I had a fever of 102 so we stayed in Monday night. Then we went to district meeting Tuesday morning which was probably stupid because then I felt way worse. So then we only left the piso on Tuesday evening to teach one lesson with Amalia and Toni.
     Wednesday was Dia de Diamante. Super cool. I went to San Fernando in the morning to work with Hna Watson. She is fresh from the MTC this week but contacts like a maquina. It was a lot of fun. Then I spent the afternoon in my own area with my comp and we baisically talked to all of Cadiz. I really enjoyed it actually. Still didn't feel super great, but that's okay.
     Then Thursday Hna Evelo had to go to Malaga to do residency stuff so I was shipped to Sevilla again to chill with Hna Hurtado. She is baisically my new best friend. (Other than Hna Evelo and like all my other best friends of course.) But Hna Hurtado is cool. So then Friday we came home. We awkwardly missed the train coming home and had to catch the next train which didn't get us home until super late. Saturday morning we had to do weekly planning, so baisically the only real work time we got in was Saturday night. It was a fun week I guess, but I don't think I would want every week to be like that....
     And that was the week! I'm super sorry about the whole going forever without pictures thing. I'll get those to you next week!

I love you!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

I can't send you pictures but I can send you our mission hymn*. I have been singing this at least twice a week for the past year. The piano one is also cool because it is a medly of our mission hymn and Called to Serve.

*In order to post the song to the blog, I made a video with the song and some of the photos Hannah has sent home. Enjoy! --Stephanie

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