Monday, January 26, 2015


Hola Amigos,
     We have just had a great week.
     Amaila and Antoni are progressing like maquinas. We taught them the first three lessons this week and they told us they didn't have any doubts or any reason to deny anything we had taught because they knew that it was all true mostly before we even taught it. And the "new" stuff to them they said sounded familiar anyways. They read The Book of Mormon and pray together every night now. Antoni is really into the whole allegory of the olive tree thing and gathering Isreal. Amalia was worried we would think she was weird but she really likes the whole Latter-days part of our name. And then she showed us their food storage and 48 hour emergency backpacks. They are baisicallly already members.We set a baptismal date with them for the 21st and they were super hesitant and we kept asking them why and they finally told us that they were worried we would reject them. They have been kicked out of various different Catholic groups because they got married for the law instead of for the Catholic church. Spain law is weird so you can't do both. Or at least you have to pay for two completly seperate weddings. But they though it was important to be actually married because that was God's commandment and so that's what they did. Funny side note in their vows or whatever they said they would be together for eternity because they don't want to separate at death. But that's lucky because for the church here in Spain you have to get married for the law before you can get sealed in the temple. Or get baptized.
     The members here are really just amazing. We think they can sniff out potential. We were able to get a different member with us to every lesson we had with them this week. And then one of those members sent a group text to the entire ward telling them that we would have golden investigators at church and they all had to welcome them. The ward seriously pulled together. There was a line of people to talk to them it was almost too much. But there were people accompanying them for every meeting and explaining to them what was going on. It was so cool.
Well, that is really all that happened this week. We have a new district leader. Next Wednesday we are going to have el dia de diamante. We are going to be out in the street talking to random people all day. We are not allowed to schedule appointments or anything. And we were given specific topics we have to try to talk to them about every hour. with the end goal to get their address or phone number ofcourse.I am super excited.
Let you know how it goes next week!
Love, Hermana Hannah Ashby


  1. Not sure if you got my other response but you can use whatever you would like from my daughter's site.

    1. I did see that! Thanks for getting back to me.