Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Six More Weeks in Cadiz!

     Time was cut short this week because we spent the day in Gibraltar. I loved it. It is a really cool place. Mom and Dad, if you come and pick me up we have to go to Gibraltar. Crazy history and it's beautiful and there are monkeys and a weird british-spanish mix. Everyone was speaking spanglish to us all day. Really cool.
     Um this week in review...
     We found some miracle investegators! Actually, we street contacted this women a couple of weeks ago and she told us that her aunt was Mormon and always talked to her about family history and she was super interested to learn more. But then when we called her later she couldn't meet with us or anything because her husband had to get emergency open heart surgery. Okay, I guess that is an okay excuse. Then we called later and the husband answered and he told us he was super interested also, but he was bed ridden and really could not meet with anyone. So finally this week we called them and they invited us over and we had a great Book of Mormon discussion. They told us they had investigated quite a few different churches but they didn't feel like anyone had all of the truth. Things they were looking for in a church that they couldn't find: a God that still works miracles, final resurrection of both body and spirit, prophets and current revelation, premortal existince, non infant baptism, etc. All this stuff that they had read and studied in the Bible that they didn't think anyone had interpreted correctly until they talked to us. Just really cool. I am super excited to keep teaching them. Amalia and Antoni.
     We played futbol on Saturday with a group of inactive members and investigators and the Elders. It was really fun. Cadiz has the COOLEST arena thingy that's like in the base of a castle looking thing that they converted for futbol and it's also like overlooking the ocean. I just felt so European. Somebody should look up Peurta de Tierra on the interentnet and see if there are pictures. It was cool.
     I don't have time to send pictures right now or write anything else.
     Oh! This was transfer week and I am staying! It was kind of a toss up wether or not I would leave because I have bee here for a while but I'll be sticking it out. I am pretty happy. That is 6 months in total that I will be here. That means a third of my mission. Woo hoo.
Okay, I am out.
I love you,


  1. I appreciate you keeping the blog for Hermana Ashby. My daughter is her current companion. I look forward to not only reading my daughters emails, but reading Hermana Ashby's blog. It gives me another view on how things are going. I also get to see pictures that my daughter did not send us. My daughter's blog is http://hermanaevelo.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your daughter's blog! I agree, it will be fun to have new details and pictures! I'm Hannah's older sister--we've heard nothing but great things about your daughter, I'm glad their companions and can experience part of their missions together.

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