Thursday, February 13, 2014

El Pie... Yummmm

¡Hola todos!
So it feels like a lot has happened this week but I cant think of a lot to write about. It's all just kind of a blur.
Last Pday we went to the mall. I bought a a skirt from Primark. I had never heard of Primark but Hermana Costagliola seemed to think it was a big deal, so um woot.
I am terrified of speaking with the spanish missionaries. They are so intimaidating. I tried to talk to them the first couple of days and then I realized that when I initiate conversations they talk to me. And when they talk to me I can't understand them. And then I cry. Well okay I don't ACTUALLY cry but sometimes I worry that I am never going to understand Spanish. sigh. One of the Elders called me a gringo (SP?) the other day. But after everyone laughed he said it was just because my eyes are blue. I don't know.
So of course Saturday I was paired with a spanish sister. Hermana Rabayo. She is actually from Ecuador but has been living in Barcelona for a while and is headed to the Malaga mission. At least I think that's her story because she doesn't actually really speak English. I thought it would be way easier to be with someone who spoke spanish but it wasn't really. We didn't have any real conversations with ANYONE. So sad. This British man told me that being a missionary was the worst possible thing that I could be doing. Haters gonna hate. Lucky Hermana Rabayo had no idea what he was saying so she just smiled and nodded while I took the heat. This is life.
But then after the park we went to go play futbol. Hermanas Read and  Costagliola and I were running late so we were walking by ourselves to field when a man called to us and asked where the metro station was. We tried to tell him but it's kind of hard to explain how to get to it so we offered to just walk with him. He asked us who we were and we told him that we were missionaries and we were standing right next to the temple so we pointed to it and explained a little about our church and he seemed very interested and the the real missionaries serving in Madrid just walked by! We pulled them aside and made them take down this man's information. His name is Pablo. The real missionaries are a lot more smooth then us and they actually speak Spanish. But um after they left we walked him to the metro and he tried to invite us to a party and called me beautiful in German. Apparently I look German or the little spanish I speak sounds like I speak with a german accent or something. All in all it was a very strange experience.
So I only have a few days left in the CCM. I don´t feel ready but I am excited to go to Malaga. An Elder from Malaga tried to give me a lesson in Southern Spain Spanish and it sort of terrified me. They cut off half of their words so I will definitely never be able to understand what anyone says to me. Oh well.
I leave bright and early tuesday morning. I will be able to email again on monday so everyone should email me before that. My pday will always be on Mondays from now on. Mom, You should find and post my mission home address. I love getting letters!
 I love and miss you all!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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