Thursday, February 20, 2014

AHH! I'm Here!!!

So I have about ten minutes and there is a line of spaniards waiting to use the computer! I leave tomorrow! Super early. We are taking a train. We've had meeting after meeting for the past couple days and they have all been in spanish so I basically have no idea what has happened. The president just gave us a five minute warning. I am nervous and excited and sad and happy and all over the place. I love the mtc and I have learned sooo much here but I can't wait to get to the field and change lives! Write me! I just printed off a picture of Calvin and everyone is fawning over him. I miss you all! Write you next week when I am a real missionary!
Love Hermana Ashby

I have arrived! I am at the mission home!! it is absolutely beautiful here! hills on the coast of the Mediterranean sea and white buildings! I love my mission president and his wife. This is the best! I love you!

PS write me!

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