Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Así es la Vida

¡Buenos Días!
     Sort of an uneventful week. 

     We picked up two more investigators that are sweet. Fernando y Perla. He is 20 she is 19. They are dating secretly because he is a gypsy and she is not and their parents aren´t allowed to find out. It is all very Shakespeare-ey. We assigned them to read a story in The Book of Mormon and they came back very animated about it and told us the story back in detail. They are cute. We gave Fernando`s dad a lecture about how it is a commandment to love eveyone and invited him to invite his son and his friends to church. He is a member by the way. Then we told Fernando about it and he kept saying "Las Hermanas son guays!" (the sisters are cool) over and over again in surprise. Won them over. 
     We are still teaching that guy we found last week but he works a lot.

     A new member moved in and it got our sacrament meeting assistency up to 10 this week. He also loves missionaries and that is always nice. 

     Okay, that is it. I love you!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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