Monday, August 25, 2014

Jesus es mi Luz

Dear Everyone,

     This week felt a lot more successful than last week. We like stayed and worked.
La Sagrada Familia
Typical Spanish Dancing
     Last Monday we got a new investigator and he is awesome! Back round info first. A couple of weeks ago we went on a street contacting spree. We were desperate for new people to teach so we literally tried talking to everyone. Within like 2 or 3 days we had conversation with 30 random people in a row and every single one of them rejected us. This is not counting all of the doors we knocked. We were kind of losing hope, which is bad for missionaries. We finally talked to one women who gave us her number, which broke the strike but she has yet to actually answer the phone. So that was what we were going through and feeling when one day we are walking down the street and from pretty far away we see a man running towards us and we both felt like we needed to talk to him. So we cornered him. And asked him where he was from. It was not a very smooth approach. The man was jogging so he was sweating and breathing heavily and looking at us like we were nuts. He'd tried to go around us but we wouldn't let him. So he told us he was from Columbia and we continued with awkward random smalltalk until we told him that we are from America and we are missionaries. He asked us if we were Mormon and he told us that his best friend from high school is Mormon and he was always kind of curious about what we believed and he gave us his address and then went running away.
In Jerez
Again in Jerez
     So then Monday we stopped by his apartment. He told us to come in (which does not happen here) but we told him we couldn't because there was not another woman there. He accepted that very well and let us teach him about The Book of Mormon right there in the doorway. Literally best first lesson I have experienced on my mission. He just got what we were saying so easily and asked thoughtful questions. Then we came back a few days later and had another really smooth lesson on the restoration of the church. He just got it. He even accepted a baptismal date so fast, which we have not had since I first got here. He committed to coming to church but then called Saturday night to apologize because he works/studies at the hospital and Sunday morning it was his turn for the guardia. Honestly I don't know what a guardia is but apparently it's something the medical students have to take turns with. We decided that he had a pretty good excuse and we are totally getting him to come to church with us next week.
     So like I realize that was only one story but it was a long story. And I don't have anything else very exciting to say.

Hermana Hannah Ashby

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