Monday, August 18, 2014

To Jerez and Back Again

     This week was just kind of weird.
     We dad Pday last Monday. I slept and wrote people. Then in the afternoon we worked. Mostly just walked around trying to find somone who was willling to let us teach them. Then Tuesday morning we went to Ciudad Real for District Meeting. Even though it is way expensive to have to go all the way there every week, it is completely worth it to have a giant district. We feel way less stranded now.
     Then I left straight from Ciudad Real to go to Jerez de la Frontera for intercambios. Jerez is a beautiful, magical city. Since it's so far away the trains were hard to schedule, so I stayed there until Thursday. It was nice to have like a mini vacation there but I really just like being in my area, with my companion, teaching my investigators. Jerez really is great and people are sooo much more open there than they are in Puertollano or even in Granada. But... yeah.
     So then on Friday we did a branch family home evening thing. I love our little branch. They are all nuts, but it is starting to feel like home. I just love them all.
     Some random less active that we had never met before showed up church on Sunday. That was exciting. It is nice to see new faces.
     We ate lunch again with the Montes family and afterwards we showed them the Best Two Years in spanish. We sacrificed our Medio Dia to watch it all  with them. It was totally worth it. They got really into it and thought it was hilarious. Good times. Last week I started helping Hna Montes cook the food and now she has decided I actually will get married someday. Score. My potato chopping skills won me over.
     And thats it. Thats my week.

I love you!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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