Thursday, January 30, 2014

¡Soy Mujer Bat!

I never know how to start these emails/future blog entries. Or how to title them obviously.
This is week three in the MTC! We are half way through! Time is finally starting to pass quickly. The days individually feel long and so much has happened but I can´t believe it's Thursday again! My cards still work even though my cash was stolen, but for some reason I can´t check the balance in my account so I really have no idea how much is in there. I say a little prayer every time I use it in hopes that theres enough.
So last thursday we visited the Real Madrid Stadium. For those of you who don´t know anything about futbol, it is kind of a big deal. I have been told. It seemed pretty much like an american football stadium with a slightly smaller field. hopefully i will be able to include pictures. Then we went through a museum type thing with the history of futbol in Spain and it goes back pretty far. We even walked through the locker rooms and shower rooms for the players. Woot. The bummer thing about there being a lot more Elders than sisters is that we do things like visiting sports arenas instead of art museums. But thats okay. It was pretty impressive.

  Saturday was probably the worst park experience yet. Although I did learn a lot. So this week Hermana Read and I paired and we were super excited. Partly because the sisters from Russia barely speak English let alone Spanish and we weren't quite ready for that but also because We work awesome together. Like seriously every time I don't know what to say she says something and every time she doesn't know what to say I do. Its the best . So we got on the metro and literally no one would even look at us. This one guy even pretended he was asleep when we approached him but we just laughed it off and waited for the parque.
Then at the parque we saw this man watching us and we just assumed he would want to know what we were doing. Boy were we wrong. We just walked up to him and I introduced us and asked if we could share a message with him (in spanish) and he replied very bluntly that we could not. Lets just say he included a few words that turned the conversation from being rated G straight to R. In English. We just stared at him in shock and finally I said good day and we turned and walked away as fast as possible. Both of us were almost in tears. It was kind of ridiculous. Then we just talked to as many people as possible and nobody would listen. I just felt like I was trying to offer the
 most valuable item in the world to this special park in Madrid and these children of God just scoffed at us trying to give them eternal peace. So frustrating.
Maria was the only one we were able to touch just a little. She had gone to school in cali for a few year so we were able to use spanglish with her. She wanted to know who we were and what we were doing and we just bore our testimonies about missionary work and how we were willing to give up our lives because of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Herman Read started crying and Maria even started crying and she thanked us for reminding her about God and his love for his children and she thanked us for trying to bring more spirituality into Spain. of course she wouldn't give us her number but she did promise to go on So thats better than nothing.
On Sunday we had a devotional by one of the first members in Spain. He has a doctorate (I'm not sure in what) but his thesis was on the history of the church in Spain and he just told us what he thought we should know about spaniards and the church and life and it was just way cool.
Oh! There is an Elder that is from Gilbert and his family sent him a pamphlet from the open house of the Gilbert Temple! So it must be open or something! I was really excited to see it. Looks beuatiful.
I know I am forgetting a lot but I only have 15 minutes and I want get to individual emails. Send me letters! Letters are the best things ever! I would probably cry from joy if someone were to send me a packae. Just saying. And soon. Mail is so slow but it is definitely worth it.
I love everything about Spain! I dont think I have ever wanted anything as badly as to be right were I am now doing what am doing! Being a missionary is amazing!
I love you! I miss you!
Hermana (Hannah) Ashby

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