Thursday, January 16, 2014

Flying Frenzy

This is Stephanie Murray, Hannah's sister. I just wanted to write a quick post describing Hannah's adventure actually getting to the MTC in Madrid. At the end there is a short email she sent when she arrived.

Hannah's flight from Pasco to Salt Lake was delayed for HOURS. That meant that although she was meant to meet a group of other missionaries heading to Madrid, she would have to travel alone. Delta eventually got her on a flight to Salt Lake that evening, but her connecting flight to JFK would not leave until the next morning. That meant that I got to spend a last few hours with her, and say goodbye for the FOURTH TIME! Oh well, it was fun seeing her.
Standing by the sign announcing her flight was cancelled.

Waiting at the Pasco airport to find out when she would be leaving

She caught her flight from Salt Lake to JFK, and originally had a 4 hour layover at JFK before her flight to Paris (with a 1 hour layover before she caught her last flight to Madrid). While in flight, with no cell phone or computer or anyway of knowing this herself, Hannah's itinerary was changed and she only had 45 minutes at JFK before having to catch her connection.

Going through security in Salt Lake

Needless to say, we were all freaking out. With all the weather cancellations all over the East Coast, Delta was scrambling--and the wait on any telephone number was over an hour when we only had 45 minutes to get her notified! Eventually I got through to an actual person (who spoke in a very heavy Jamaican accent, who told me it was impossible to contact her at that point. Eventually with some calm and assured persuasion I was able to convince him to connect me with someone else, who told me they would have her paged to the Welcome Desk and that if she was in the terminal, she would hear.

10 minutes after her flight was meant to have taken off, we still had not heard from her. Luckily, my place on hold was up and I got a call from Delta. They were able to tell me that she did in fact make her connection! She was on the plane to Paris--and hopefully had her new itinerary.

As she talked to our mom later, she told her that she heard herself paged, but when she went to the desk they didn't know what she was talking about--but they pulled up her information, and were able to tell her her new itinerary. She barely made the flight, (getting lost a few times...) and although it was tricky caught her connection in Paris to Madrid and made it to the MTC.

Here is her email:

I'm here! Im in the MTC and I feel so much better. but exhausted.
My luggage isn't here yet, suprise suprise, but they said it will come in at 6. Hopefully they are right.....
The MTC is great. I have a companion, Hermana Reed. She is from Michigan. Everyone is super nice. I can't firgure out how to read this key board.
Well, I love you! Tell everyone Im safe!
My Pdays are on Thursdays but IDK if they will let me write again tomorrow butill try to get some letters out.
Hermana Ashby
Actually taken when we were in the Provo MTC getting her visa a few days before she flew out--but so iconic I had to put it in here.

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