Monday, May 19, 2014

Somos Tres

Querido todo,
     This was a long week. A lot happened but I don´t have a ton of fun stories.
     Well I have officially eaten the grossest thing in my life now. We have this feeling that the members here don't really like the hermanas very much so we have been trying hard to work with them and gain their respect. So on Tuesday we finally received an invitation to eat with this one family that usually only likes it when the elders go over. So we go over and we are on our absolute best behavior and we offer to help and they won't let us so we sit at the table and wait for them to bring out the food.
District Numero Dos
They set this bowl of soup in front of Hna Muse. My first thought is, "yay I like soup," but then I look closer and saw the tentacles. This soup had octopus, squid, shrimp, some kind of shell fish and who knows what else in it. Mom, you would have probably enjoyed it. But I do NOT like sea food. Of any kind. And so I go into a panic. We have been trying to get an eating cita with this family for forever, and the first thing I do can't be refuse to eat their food that they obviously worked hard to make. Or worse, throw it up. They asked me to say the blessing and I asked that we would all be able to enjoy the food. Probably seemed like weird wording to them, but that is what I needed. I don't know how, but I ate it. Barely even chewed at all, which let me tell you, is difficult when you are eating animals whole. Eww. It was worth it though when they gave us cake at church on Sunday. Woot!
     So lets see..... Tuesday we got our new companion! Her name is Hermana Clark. She is from Heber City, Utah. She goes home one transfer after Hna Muse. She is great. Hermana Muse and I were super worried that it would be not fun, and teaching as a trio would not work very well, but it is actually working out just fine. We had to pull in another bed into our bedroom and now the whole room is just one big bed. We call it mega bed.
"So this is supposed to be like a 12th century building with an "animal fountain" inside of it. We walk by it all of the time and we didn't realize that it was anything special until we walked by this morning and there was a huge crowd taking pictures of it. so we stopped and asked what it was and then some man told us. I don´t know how reliable this information is."
     We stopped by a members house the other day just to check in on her because she had been to the hospital and then when we were about to leave we asked if we could close with a prayer and she got upset and realized that we hadn't started with a prayer. So then she made us do two! We decided you probably can't pray too much so we just went along with it.
     If you can, putting some beef jerky in the package might be nice. There is this family here that every time we go over they talk about these missionaries that brought them beef jerky from America. At least we think that's what they are are talking about. They call it dry Texas beef because the missionary was from Texas. So yeah if I brought them some they would probs love me forever.
Statue of Christopher Columbus
     We had a crazy amount a appointments cancel on us this week. Which means we did a LOT of knocking doors and just trying to talk to to people in the streets. Not the most fruitful of activities but, what else is a missionary supposed to do?
     By the way, I am officially a real missionary now! Training is over! Go me!
I am sorry I can't think of anything else that happened. This week was snail slow for all of the people we teach because we could hardly meet with any of them. But the work is still going. The church is still true.

Thanks for all of the support!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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