Monday, May 26, 2014

If We're United, We All Things Can Do

     This is going to be short because I need time to download Mormon Messages. Sorry. Also not a whole lot of exciting things happened.
     I ate a few super gross things this week actually. We do visiting teaching for the ward. Don't ask me why, not exactly my favorite thing ever and it takes up a ton of proselyting time. But this week we went to visit this little old lady that lives in one of the spiraling alleyways underneath the Alhambra so I was actually sort of excited for this one. We go there and sit down and she asked us if we wanted anything, we said no but she is old and from southern Spain so she put us out these ridiculously stale cookies. Like I had a hard time chewing and swallowing them so then she asked if we wanted anything to drink. I asked for water but that just wasn't good enough I guess and she brought us out some soy milk. Like basically everyone here drinks soy milk instead of real milk so I have almost gotten used to it, but this wasn't even refrigerated. So we just sat there eating stale cookies with warm soy milk. Every time one of us emptied a glass she would automatically feel it until the entire carton was gone. It was just such a ridiculous situation that I had a hard time not giggling as she is forcing us to chug warm soy milk. I have felt sick since.
     And then a few days later one of our investigators fed us Morcilla. Hermana Clark made the mistake of asking what Morcilla actually is. And we both almost threw up right then. Then we were forced to eat seconds. If I don't come home with some crazy disease I will be lucky. For those of who do not know, Morcilla is basically straight up fried pigs blood mixed. Our investigator mixed it with pears, because what is more appetizing than pears covered in pigs blood? Nothing according to spaniards.
     We (the missionaries in Granada) organized a ward talent show for this weekend and it was a smash. Apparently talent shows are really just an Amercian thing because nobody had really heard of one before but it really pulled together. We even did a singing skit thing with the song "Ye Elders of Israel." I will try to figure out how to get you the video eventually. Such a blast.
     It's starting to be tourist season so we are getting all kinds of Americans at church and it's fun to talk to them and explain what is going on in lessons and stuff for them. There are actually people out there in the world who understand less Spanish than me. Woot!
And that is pretty much it.
I love you!
Hermana Ashby

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