Monday, November 10, 2014

Que yo no...

     AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are going to have a baptism!!!!! It's like really going to happen!!!!! If it doesn't, it's because a bus ran into Luis, so we are all going to pray that that doesn't happen, okay?
     We met with him three times again this week and he is ready to go. We reviewed the baptism interview questions with him and he was almost offended at how "easy" the interview is.
     Us:"Are you willing to live the law of tithing for the rest of your life?"
     Him: "I'm getting baptized... so, like, duh."

     Everytime we have an appointment with him I'm nervous that he's going to back out. But he's still going strong. He cancelled on us on Saturday, and I was momentarily devastated but then he told us it was because a member invited him to go to a Family Home Evening activity for Single Adults (mayores). Way to go members of Cadiz. I am proud of them all!
     In Sacrament meeting yesterday, they asked him to stand up and they announced his baptism (THIS SATURDAY AT 7) and he waved at everyone and I felt like a proud parent. But then he leaned over to us and whispered that the whole world was going to show up except for him--and we just stared at him. Then he laughed. And we just stared at him. I think my companion made a nervous giggling sound.
     I hope he was joking.
     Actually, yesterday was a miracle itself. We had four investigators in church and five less active members. Cádiz is blooming.
     I am just excited to be a missionary!

And now I have to go! Ill send you pictures next week!
Hermana Hannah Ashby

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